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Breastfeeding and Reduced Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Meta-analysis

Hauck FR, Thompson JM, Tanabe KO, Moon RY, Vennemann MM.
Pediatrics. 2011 Jul;128(1):103-10


CONTEXT: Benefits of breastfeeding include lower risk of postneonatal mortality. However, it is unclear whether breastfeeding specifically lowers sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk, because study results have been conflicting.

OBJECTIVE: To perform a meta-analysis to measure the association between breastfeeding and SIDS.

Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

M.M. Vennemann, T. Bajanowski, B. Brinkmann, G. Jorch, K. Yücesan, C. Sauerland, E.A. Mitchell and the GeSID Study Group

PEDIATRICS Vol. 123 No. 3 March 2009, pp. e406-e410

OBJECTIVE. To examine the association between type of infant feeding and sudden infant death syndrome.

CONCLUSIONS. This study shows that breastfeeding reduced the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by ~50% at all ages throughout infancy. We recommend including the advice to breastfeed through 6 months of age in sudden infant death syndrome risk-reduction messages.

Breastfeeding and Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes in Developed Countries

Stanley Ip, M.D., Mei Chung, M.P.H., Gowri Raman, M.D., Priscilla Chew, M.P.H., Nombulelo Magula, M.D., Deirdre DeVine, M.Litt., Thomas Trikalinos, M.D., Ph.D., Joseph Lau, M.D.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 2007

Structured Abstract

Objectives: We reviewed the evidence on the effects of breastfeeding on short- and long-term infant and maternal health outcomes in developed countries.

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