Effectiveness of lactational amenorrhoea in prevention of pregnancy in Manila

The natural contraceptive effect of breast feeding has been known for hundreds of years. In 1988, experts in lactational infertility achieved a consensus that breast feeding should be at least 98% effective in preventing pregnancy for the first six months post partum as long as the woman remains amenorrhoeic and is fully or nearly fully breast feeding. Guidelines for using lactational amenorrhoea for contraception are known as the lactational amenorrhoea method – the proactive, informed use of lactational amenorrhoea as a contraceptive method under the conditions stated above.
The main purpose of this analysis was to determine the contraceptive efficacy of the lactational amenorrhoea method while controlling for sexual activity. Efficacy was estimated during both correct and incorrect use of the method to determine the tolerance of the method for incorrect use.
BMJ 1996;313:909-912

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