Effects of Different CMV-Heat-Inactivation-Methods on Growth Factors in Human Breast Milk

Rangmar Goelz, Eva Hihn, Klaus Hamprecht, Klaus Dietz, Gerhard Jahn, Christian Poets,
and Martin Elmlinger
Pediatr Res 65: 458–461, 2009

Preterm infants can inoculate virulent cytomegalovirus (CMV) through their mothers’ raw breast milk. Complete virus inactivation is achieved only by heat treatment, but the effect on growth factors has never been assessed systematically.

Neither long- nor short-time heating methods changed the concentration of EGF. Only short heating methods (5 s, 62–72°C) can preserve, almost completely, the concentrations of IGFs in human milk, whereas Holder-Pasteurization does not.

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