Elsevier Journals Support World Breastfeeding Week 2010

In support of World Breastfeeding Week 2010, Elsevier – the world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services – is pleased to open access to selected articles related to breastfeeding from the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, Midwifery and the Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Midwives and pediatric nurse practitioners play a central role in supporting and advocating for breastfeeding.

The full contents of a special issue of the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, titled, “Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding: A Guide for Clinical Practice “ can be accessed at the JMWH website: http://www.jmwh.com/. The entire issue highlights the role of midwives and other women’s health professionals in encouraging breastfeeding. Topics include new scientific research on breastfeeding and its benefits, problems that can interfere with lactation and breastfeeding, and essential education for breastfeeding mothers.