How Are Effective Breastfeeding Technique and Pacifier Use Related to Breastfeeding Problems and Breastfeeding Duration?

Hanne Kronborg, Michael Væth
BIRTH 36:1 March 2009

Background: Inconsistent findings leave uncertainty about the impact of pacifier use on effective breastfeeding technique. The purpose of this study was to investigate how breastfeeding technique and pacifier use were related to breastfeeding problems and duration of breastfeeding.

Methods: Data were collected from the intervention group of a randomized trial in which health visitors followed up with mothers for 6 months after childbirth. The health visitors classified the breastfeeding technique at approximately 1 week after birth and repeated the observation if a correction was necessary….The primary outcome was duration of exclusive breastfeeding.

Results: …. In the unadjusted analysis, only sucking and milk transfer were associated with breastfeeding duration. In the adjusted analysis, ineffective technique was significantly associated with mothers reporting early breastfeeding problems, which thereby influenced the breastfeeding duration. Pacifier use had an independent negative impact on duration of breastfeeding. A single correction of the breastfeeding technique was not associated with duration or occurrence of problems.

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