ILCA: Position Paper on Infant Feeding

The International Lactation Consultant Association(ILCA) affirms the right of all women to breastfeed their infants, of all infants to receive human milk, and of all men and women to assist mothers in protecting these rights. Many unnecessary obstacles stand in the way of women who wish to breastfeed. ILCA seeks to draw attention to key findings of recent research and the clinical implications of those findings. References noted below include research with a variety of methodologies ranging from carefully controlled clinical trials to small descriptive studies. ILCA’s recommendations are based on rigorous published research wherever possible and on collected experience and wisdom where gaps in research-based knowledge exist. ILCA invites those concerned with the well-being of families to consider these statements and to enter into dialogue with the Association over possible future amendments and additions. ILCA urges all health workers to adopt this position statement as their own, and to work to implement its recommendations as standard practice in their own setting.

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