NICU lactation consultant increases percentage of outborn versus inborn babies receiving human milk

N Dweck, M Augustine, D Pandya, R Valdes-Greene, P Visintainer and H L Brumberg

Journal of Perinatology (2008) 28, 136–140


To determine the effect of a dedicated lactation consultant (LC) on the percentage of neonates receiving any human milk in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and at discharge over time.

Study Design:
Retrospective chart review of three time periods of 3 months each; Time period 1 (before LC hire), Time period 2 (T2; after LC arrival) and Time period 3 (subsequent period after T2).

Percentage of infants receiving any HM during hospital stay and at discharge increased significantly over time after LC hire and with LC experience. Outborn (OB) infants receiving any HM in the NICU and at discharge increased over time, but there was no significant change for inborn infants, as the proportion receiving any HM remained consistently high over time.

Addition of a dedicated LC to the NICU increased the percentage of neonates receiving any HM, specifically in the OB population.