Postpartum Breastfeeding Assessments

Verity Livingstone

Journal SOGC February 1996


Despite a high initiation rate of breastfeeding in hospital, most mothers stop breastfeeding within a few weeks, “The window of professional unavailability” and lack of breastfeeding management skills among health professionals are partly to blame. This article, the third in a series, reviews the physiology of ongoing lactation, and outlines a protocol for post-partum breastfeeding that can be incorporated into routine postpartum management.

It reviews the early detection of infants at risk for breastfeeding difficulties and insufficient milk intake. It outlines topics for discussion and anticipatory guidance at age appropriate intervals including breastfeeding and sexuality, introduction of solids, and child led weaning.

A teljes írás letölthető a Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre oldaláról.