Socio-economic determinants, maternal smoking and coffee consumption, and exclusive breastfeeding in 10 205 children

Ludvigsson, Jonas; Ludvigsson, Johnny

Acta Paediatrica, Volume 94, Number 9, September 2005, pp. 1310-1319(10)


Aim: To examine socio-economic factors, smoking, coffee consumption and exclusive breastfeeding duration.

Methods: This study was part of a prospective cohort study of children born between 1 October 1997 and 1 October 1999 (the All Babies in Southeast Sweden (ABIS) study). Eleven socio-economic characteristics (parental employment, civil status, whether parents were born in Sweden, parental education, residence at birth and during child’s first year, crowded living), maternal smoking, coffee consumption, infant sex, siblings, parental age, and maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy were analysed using logistic regression and Cox’s proportional hazards method. All data were obtained through questionnaires distributed at infant birth and at 1 y of age. Exclusive breastfeeding duration

Conclusion: This study indicates that socio-economic factors and smoking may be of importance to the risk of breastfeeding exclusively for less than 4 mo, while coffee consumption is not.

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