Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition

Premature infants who receive human milk have the best outcomes; medically, nutritionally, and developmentally.

The Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition (SPIN) program was developed to address the challenges of helping mothers produce sufficient breastmilk for their premature infants, and to improve the manner in which Neonatal Intensive Care Units support optimal nutrition and growth in their most vulnerable population of patients.

Our Mission: To create a Center of Excellence in neonatal nutrition focused on the provision, analysis, and research of human milk to improve nutritional and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm babies.

This website has been developed to provide parents and NICU staff the tools they need to work together toward this goal. Resources and tools available on the website include feeding tables, milk calculators, human milk donor consent forms, and nutrition discharge plans. Resources specific to moms include bilingual handouts on the importance of human milk for premature infants, feeding plans, nipple shield information, and logs to track milk production and feedings.

Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition website