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An effective but under applied intervention in Europe

Over 95% of the world’s children are initially breast fed and as the result of promotion programmes, prevalence has increased throughout the 1990s in many developing countries…
Archives of Disease in Childhood 2002;87:91-92

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Are breastfeeding and complementary feeding of children of adolescent mothers different from those of adult mothers?

Maria LF Vieira, João LC Pinto e Silva, Antônio A Barros Filho

J Pediatr (Rio J) 2003;79(4):317-24


Adolescence is a critical period for humans during which intense biological and psychosocial transformations occur (1). The occurrence of pregnancy and maternity during this stage of life implies a number of different changes which, when added together, force a reevaluation of the future with a, generally unwanted, child. Pregnancy and maternity during adolescence are considered serious public health problems all over the world, primarily within low-income families; populations whose health is at risk (2).

In developing countries, including Brazil, research has been concerned with preventing infant malnutrition by means of promoting health and encouraging breastfeeding, primarily with adolescent mothers.
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Breastfeeding determinants and a suggested framework for action in Europe.


This is a background paper for the EURODIET initiative. A number of international initiatives and documents were identified, such as the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and a number of consensus reports from professional groups, that propose ways forward for breastfeeding promotion. These point at a range of initiatives on different levels. The determinants for successful breastfeeding have to be identified. They can be categorised into five groups; socio-demographic, psycho-social, health care related, community- and policy attributes. A framework for future breastfeeding promoting efforts on European level is suggested, within which these determinants are considered.
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