The Family Physician’s Role in Preventing Early Termination of Breastfeeding

Verity Livingstone
Can Fam Physician 1986;32:2162-2169


Despite the high rate of breastfeeding among mothers as they leave the hospital, early termination of breastfeeding continues to be a problem. A new mother needs considerable education, support and, often, early intervention, not only to initiate breastfeeding successfully, but also to prevent breastfeeding problems occuring and to continue breastfeeding successfully for several months. Knowledgeable health-care providers are the key to promoting and protecting breastfeeding, yet in the community, many of these mothers, lacking the support of such knowledgeable advisers, often terminate early.

Family physicians are in a key position to help teh nursing dyad. This article looks at the role that family physicians can play in advising and helping mothers, and discusses teh management of common breastfeeding difficulties.

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